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Finding Freedom from Domestic Violence

In the ordinary routine of a clinic visit, a patient sought help and, in the caring hands of Casa’s medical staff, found deliverance from the shadows of a violent relationship.

Dora discovered Casa in mid-2023. At that time, she grappled with concerns about her physical health. But it was emotional support that she truly needed. Financial worries were wreaking havoc on her mind, heart, spirit and her marriage.

It had been a while since Dora had undergone a mammogram and routine exams. A nodule on her leg further troubled her, but it was stress that led her to the ER for expensive treatments. Knowing she needed help, but unable to afford the costs, she finally reached out to Casa.

Dora believes that God perfectly timed her first visit to Casa. She sensed the genuine care of the doctor and ministry volunteer and began to open up about the violent nature of her home life. They prayed with her, offering assistance and support in making new and healthy decisions for her life.

“This ministry is the only place in my 56 years where I felt freedom and trust to share everything I was going through,” Dora shares. “That’s how I started to make new life decisions.” Through Christ and the support of Casa, Dora found a life free of control and violence. “For me, it has been a big change. Now I take care of my health.”

Throughout her challenges, Dora never ceased reading the Bible, praying, attending church, and serving God. However, due to her controlling relationship, she felt ashamed to share what was truly limiting her life. “At Casa, the doctor didn’t come in talking only about my health problems. She made me feel confident.” Once out of the cycle of violence, Dora discovered strength, change, wellness, and, most importantly, freedom in Christ. She now openly shares her experience with other women who are in similar situations to her own.

Dora looks back with gratitude and shares her hope with others about their own future. “I tell people this is not an ordinary clinic. They don’t only heal you physically but also help heal your soul. What else could we ask for?”

If you or someone you know would like to make a lasting impact on the lives touched by Casa, please donate here.


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