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Help Us Share the Love throughout Houston and the surrounding areas!

DID YOU KNOW ... When Casa opened in 2008, the desire was to serve the three zip codes surrounding the clinic. By 2017, Casa was serving more than 90 zip codes in the Greater Houston area. This year, Casa has reached yet another milestone. As of the end of July, Casa has surpassed 110 zip codes served!

Freely Given 

Freely Received 

It is our mission to share the Gospel. Matthew 28:19 says, "Go and make disciples of all nations."

All patients are offered an opportunity to hear the gospel.

Casa is a unique community made up of medical and non-medical volunteers as well as patients. One of the most remarkable things about the Casa community is witnessing the transformation of patients who come to Casa for medical help, learn about Christ, and are later called to share the love of Christ through service at Casa! 

Each year we are blessed with more patients seeking whole-person healing. The average appointment cost is $180. Most patients come to the clinic 3-4 times/year. Casa can only achieve its mission with the help of consistent reliable monthly donations from partners like you.

Anyone can participate - every gift matters

Join us today and become a monthly partner to share the love of Christ and transform lives across our city. 

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