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Introducing Casa's New Nurse Practitioner

In life’s intricate design, God often guides people to places of great need. In 2023, Casa faced a pressing need for a full-time nurse practitioner to treat more patients.

Nicole Ellis, who had taken a break from work as a healthcare professional after her child’s birth, hails from Jamaica, where God is seamlessly blended with the educational system. She was raised in a family deeply rooted in faith. Nicole sought an opportunity that aligned with her passion for patient care while balancing the responsibilities of motherhood.

Upon relocating to Houston three years ago, Nicole observed a lack of accessible healthcare for many residents. Some had no local hospital or doctor. Once introduced to Casa, a free and charitable clinic, she was drawn to its holistic approach, providing spiritual and physical care. Given her strong spiritual background, Casa felt like the perfect place for her to serve.

Nicole is bilingual and a blessing to Casa’s patients, particularly those requiring chronic disease management for conditions like diabetes and hypertension. Offering care five days a week, she notes Casa’s unique approach. “The clinic wraps a patient with a whole system of care. From intake and beyond, patients engage with volunteers, receive medical services, and rely on regular follow-ups.” Nicole sees some patients who have not had medical care in a few years. “Once at Casa, they have access to caring doctors and nurses. They receive the support and encouragement they need to get their health under control.”

Nicole acknowledges that there is always more need for funds, volunteers, and practitioners. She says that Casa could use more patient monitoring devices such as glucometers and blood pressure kits, which would provide data points between patients’ clinic visits. She expresses her gratitude, extending a heartfelt thanks to the unseen hands inside and outside Casa. She highlights the clinic’s mission and the collective effort that helps fulfill it every day. Nicole, fully aware of the challenges, remains dedicated to serving the community, recognizing the importance of ongoing support for Casa’s vital work.

If you or someone you know would like to be a part of Casa's mission, please click here to learn more.


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