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Power of Presence and Transformative Ministry

Sometimes God works through people who simply share their presence. In November 2022, a woman named Lizeth arrived at Casa for healthcare—a mom with children who had recently moved from Honduras to Houston.

Then, before the Christmas holidays, Gloria—a ministry volunteer—helped Lizeth access resources and gifts for her kids. Because Gloria’s persistent approach nurtures trust, Lizeth quickly became comfortable sharing the stressors she and her family were experiencing. Gloria provided Lizeth with resources to enrich her marital life. She invited Lizeth and her husband to a Valentine’s Day event at her church. The comfortable, no-pressure environment—and Gloria’s patience—led Lizeth and her family to begin attending church regularly.

Gloria explains that her work sharing The Gospel offers great personal rewards. “At Lizeth’s last appointment she seemed excited and happy. She talked about her son’s birthday. She invited me into her home for his party.”

She understands the connections between people’s physical and spiritual health. “Lizeth still battles with health issues. I walk alongside her, offering resources and maintaining a connection,” Gloria shares. “I always feel grateful when Lizeth calls. I make sure she knows that Casa will continue offering support throughout her physical and spiritual journey.”

Gloria was an important touchstone to others as well in 2023. She shared the love of Christ with two other women and two men. “People often just need someone to talk to.”

Gloria believes that marital support is among many families’ greatest needs. “We do a lot of work around forgiveness.” Gloria’s approachable style and her use of Spanish helps many, especially men, overcome the stigmas around receiving counseling for mental health and marital issues.

Gloria regularly seeks guidance from The Lord when she is doing ministry work with Casa’s patients. “It is not me speaking. He gives me the right words to share.”

If you or someone you know would like to make an impact like Gloria's, click here to find out more about how you could help.


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