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Women Finding Hope and Connection at Casa

Casa El Buen Samaritano acts as a haven where stories of resilience and faith intertwine, and where the unexpected becomes a beacon of hope. Each day unfolds with its unique cast of characters, drawn together by the shared journey of navigating life through Christ.

Julissa Chappell, Director of Volunteer and Ministry Services, is a steadfast presence within Casa's walls and embodies the spirit of the mission. One day, amid her routine tasks, Julissa received a call that would ignite a chain of profound connections.

A ministry volunteer reached out to Julissa, describing a patient whose spirit was burdened by the weight of infertility and miscarriages. Julissa's heart went out to the woman even before she arrived, as she knew the depths of such struggles all too well.

“I had hope that God would help me and heal my heart,” Julissa explains.

Julissa listened intently, drawing from her own experiences with infertility to offer words of comfort steeped in faith and resilience. In that sacred ministry space, tears flowed freely as two women found solace in shared sorrow.

Amidst the tears and shared struggles, Julissa reached for a passage from Isaiah 55, a timeless reminder of God's promise to provide for those who seek Him. Through gentle guidance, she imparted a message of hope and trust in the Lord, even in the face of seemingly immeasurable challenges.

Julissa's journey through infertility eventually led her to adoption, and less than a year later, she was blessed with the conception of a son. Today, Julissa is a proud mother of three boys.

Casa was able to connect the patient with a support group through the church. While Casa doesn't provide prenatal care, that day, the patient left with more than just medical advice. She departed with support, love, and a renewed outlook, thanks to the compassionate care and connections made at Casa.

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