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Celebrating Friendship, Supporting Healing

Sandra Hernandez, Casa’s check-out receptionist, and Eunice Daniel, Casa’s dental associate, share a bond that extends far beyond their professional roles. Their friendship dates to their high school days and has only grown stronger over the years. As colleagues at Casa El Buen Samaritano, they not only work side by side but also support each other, making their workplace feel more like a second home.

Eunice has been a steadfast presence at Casa, volunteering since its early days. When Sandra was at a career crossroads, Eunice suggested she spend her free time helping at the clinic. Initially hesitant, Sandra finally decided to give it a try in 2022.

Sandra started coming to Casa and volunteering once or twice a week, primarily as an administrative check-out volunteer. She soon found that a big source of motivation was her friendship with Eunice.

“I tell people whenever I can, ‘It's actually been a blessing since I've been here. I don’t know how God does things, but he does,’” Sandra says.

Sandra credits Eunice with teaching her everything she knows about the clinic operations. Eunice has been a guiding light for her.

“I was so nervous about the Harris Health applications, but she’s helped me. She’s so knowledgeable,” Sandra says.

Every day, connections of community are made at Casa. Through support and friendship, Casa sustains its mission of providing hope and healing to every staff member, volunteer, and patient who walks through the clinic doors.

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